Pint of Irish

Pint of Irish
Item# DB-BM

Pint of Irish!
Overflowing with chocolate, this brownie is intoxicating! Hand cut from Simply Divine Brownie base, then dipped in sweet dark chocolate, we hand decorate the mug so it is perfect for every toast you make. Cheers! Each mug is individually wrapped in cellophane, then tied with a ribbon. Order a six pack!

Ingredient Base: Dark brown sugar, unsalted butter, fine chocolate (unsweetened and semisweet), eggs, enriched bleached flour, vanilla, kosher salt, baking powder.

Decoration: Fine dark chocolate, sugar crystals, white candy writer (sugar, palm kernel oil, cocoa, non-fat dry milk, dry whole milk, glyceryl lacto eaters of fatty acid, salt, artificial coloring).

Weight: 7.2 Ounces per Brownie

Weight: 6.2 Ounces Per Mug